About was founded by an expat couple that made the big move from Chicago, IL, USA to Tamarindo, Costa Rica! In the process of researching for the move, they found a Facebook group titled Expatriates in Costa Rica which proved to be an invaluable resource. A community for expats, who were both experienced and brand new, to ask questions and share knowledge gained through personal experience.

The biggest issue with the Facebook group? Because questions and answers get lost in the feed after a couple of days, there were a lot of repeat questions, and also it lacked the ability to search and go back to answers later that perhaps were very helpful.

Thus the idea for ExpatsKnow was born; an easy-to-use forum where people can ask questions and get answers from those who have walked in their shoes, that also allows you to search. Maybe someone has asked the same question before, and maybe they also received really great answers that you could benefit from. And if you don’t find the question you have, you can always start a new thread!

While there is a sense of comfort in hearing first hand from someone who has experienced what you’re trying to research, there is always an element of validity to take into consideration. This is why the site also features a rating system. Other experienced expats will be able to see answers provided and rate them on a scale from “Newcomer” to “Expert” so that you have a true sense of how reliable the answer is that you’ve received.

The goal of the site is to help pave the way for those who are looking to make a big life change and travel the world. We were in your shoes not too long ago and we know how many questions come up in the process, and how helpful it can be to talk with people who have done it before!

When looking to move to another country, your research should certainly include pulling information from a variety of reliable sources, we just hope that this website can be one of many that will help make your journey a little easier!