RE: What are the cheapest and most expensive places to live in Costa Rica?

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Beach areas that are popular with tourists tend to be the most expensive locations to live, since much of the lodging is geared towards short term rentals that generate high income, and stores and restaurants are priced for tourists.  They can still be a great place to live if you can afford the prices and want to live near a beach and also have conveniences (well  stocked grocery stores, a variety of restaurants to choose from, etc).

Living cheaply requires a combination of choice of location and choice of lifestyle.  If you choose an area where you do not need to own a car (walk or bus to grocery stores, etc), and if you eat like a local (rice, beans, local vegetables and fruit, and perhaps some chicken or local fish), and you rent a small house, you can live rather cheaply.

redbeard52 Scholar answered on June 12, 2015.
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