RE: What is the first sign my dog has tick fever?

We have treated our dog for tick and flea prevention, but I’ve heard this is a big problem in Guanacaste and want to be sure I know what to watch out for.

SteveB Rookie Asked on May 20, 2015 in Pets.
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My dog (a pug) had tick fever last year in Guanacaste. Fortunately my vet in Liberia had schooled me with what symptoms to be on the look out for.  She explained that initially the symptoms appear only briefly , for a few days, then disappear for awhile so it’s difficult to catch in the early stages.  Loss of appetite, lethargic, feels a little too warm.  Some of my friends noticed first by saying that my dog looked a little depressed and that reminded me of the symptoms the vet had mentioned. I took him in  right away and she did the blood test. He tested positive and she started him on oral antibiotics for 3 weeks. After that we went back and did another a blood test and all was well. I had heard that this tick fever was incurable but she explained to me that isn’t true. The problem in Guanacaste is that the tick problem is so bad the dogs end up getting reinfected right after they are treated the first time.  The cost of the blood test and the antibiotics was very cheap and of course well worth it.    Good luck with your furry friend.

Buddhadog Apprentice answered on May 20, 2015.
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