Apr 24 th, 2015
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A Little More About Our Roots
Hi there! We took the plunge and moved from Chicago to Costa Rica earlier this year and came up with the idea for this site during our research process. There are some things you can find a definite answer to online; like the tourist visa requirements for Costa Rica, or how many miles it is from Liberia to Tamarindo. But there are A LOT of things you need and want to know before moving to another country, and sometimes regardless of how much research you’ve done, the best way to find out is by asking someone who has done

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  • David Potter July 27, 2015
    Thank you for starting this site! My wife and I are on the 11 month countdown to moving to Langosta/Tamarindo. We look forward to using your site during this process.

    • Donny March 17, 2016
      I'm glad we can be of service :-)