Anyone here from Dallas or Garland that got their residency?

Hello!  I was trying to find where exactly do I go for my “Police Certificate of Good Conduct from your last place of residency”?

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You should be ok going to the local Police Department or Sheriff’s office and request one. If you have a FBI background check also works.

Donny Scholar answered on May 12, 2015.
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It is required a “CLEAN” Certification of criminal records, either for the applicant as for each dependent more than 15 years old to be included in the residency application. This document must be issued by the appropriate authorities in the place of birth, Apostilled or legalized by corresponding country authorities or the nearest Costa Rican consulate in that country. In the case of notary legalization, this document must be legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Apostilles do not require Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Legalization. This document is valid for six months with the exception that the document explicitly indicates a different expiration date. If there is a sufficient reason that justifies the impossibility of presentation of this requirement, it is possible to submit an affidavit to replace it, stating the reason of the impossibility. If there is no consular relationship with the country of origin, the procedures can be carried out via third country.

1. Take your fingerprints at your local Police Dept.
2. Ask them to help you request your FBI good conduct.
3. It can take 12 weeks to get it sent back to you.
4. Don’t forget to Duly Apostille the document to be valid in Costa Rica.

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HauserConsulting Professional answered on May 17, 2015.
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