Can expenses be written off, to reduce the CAJA preimium for Rentista status?

I moved my entire life to Costa Rica two years ago.   I began the Residency process before leaving the States, and jumped through all the necessary hoops to submit the paperwork, pay the fees, etc.   After nearly two years in process, I’ve finally received approval for my Rentista status.

Prior to paying the additional $400-$500 in fees, in order to make the appointment with Immigration to finalize my Residency, I stopped into the office to inquire how much my monthly payments would be.  I was astounded to find that they would be nearly $200/mo.!  No one that I know pays anywhere near that much for their CAJA!

I had previously been told that I could write off my household expenses to reduce the CAJA amount, but am now told that for Rentistas, the CAJA is strictly based on the required $2500 “income”…which actually isn’t income, but savings.

The lump sum deposited into a bank account, to fulfill the Rentista requirements is ever what I have to get me through the last phase of my life.  I will not be eligible for S.S. for several more years.  I cannot afford to pay $200/mo.!  Have other Rentistas run into this situation?  If so, can you tell me your experience, and offer any suggestions?


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