Can I live in Costa Rica on a $2,500 monthly budget?

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Yes. If you can live in the US the way you would like on $2,500; you certainly can in CR. If you can do alright in the US on 4k you should do fine on $2,500/mo.

If you need to live on the beach, have 24 hr AC, a new car, and so on and so on, that might be tough. I know several people that live simply, but comfortably on $2,500 or even less. I rent a nice, small, clean and simple condo in a gated area for $500/mo. If housing is 25%-30% of your budget you can see this will work.

ColoFrank Professional answered on May 24, 2015.
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You can, but it is a matter of making choices – where you live, what you eat, whether you need a car, whether you need TV, etc.  Some live on $1500 to $2000 per month but must live relatively simply.  You can easily spend twice your amount if you want to live closer to US middle class standards and in a beach area.

redbeard52 Scholar answered on June 1, 2015.
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I don’t think it is hard to reach middle class standards. Just don’t rush to buy imported crap and complain it is expensive. Beach areas are more if you must have AC. If you live in non beach areas and do not need heat or AC it is less expensive

jonenfermero Professional answered on June 6, 2015.
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