Does any one knows how or where to meet people to date (other expats).

Does any one knows how or where  to meet people to date (other expats).

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Well, if you’re good looking, send me your photo! 😉

I’m just having fun, of course. I really have no idea.. I’m one of what seem to be few single parents here…who don’t prefer the Tamarindo bar scene.

Seann Apprentice answered on June 15, 2015.
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WHATEVER YOU DO, Do not put an ad on a dating sight especially Craigslist.  Nor answer an ad. No matter how sweet and nice the ad is. It is full of Ticas and some expats wanting to target Graingo’s and other Europeans. 99.9% are women that are hustlers and prostitutes and are very attractive wanting you to spend money on them and take as much money as they can before they find another Greingo. If you don’t believe me, try it. She will look innocent and beautiful but trying to drain you  for as much money as she can before moving on.  They are clever and professionals and the ones that speak good English are the majority of the time a prostitute or hustler..  There are many horror stories. Even the sweet young thing on the street. Its kind
of like job opportunities for many Ticas.
Now with that being said, the safest way to meet Tica’s or single expats is through friends, churches that have English speaking sermons or even Catholic churches with an English speaking mass. Also, yoga classes or retreats,  for Costa Rica is a good web site for different interest.  Anything that has a social interest is good..
As a last resort, a hooker just trying to feed her kids finding you as a real sweet guy and wants a way out of prostitution is risky but possible. I know you said you wanted to meet other expats, so the next time you see someone speaking English, strike up a conversation.  Then ask them if they know where other expats meet. Sometimes expats I found to have there little gatherings that not many people are aware of.  I am a single guy myself and CR is not the best place for a single guy to get a serious relationship, so I wanted to give you the full scoop. If you want to pay for sex, CR is the place to be.

Rick7750 Newcomer answered on August 21, 2015.
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