Food deliver in Tamarindo?

I am looking for a person or restaurant that can deliver food to my apartment for 2 people on a regular basis at a reasonable price. About 2 times a week.

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3 Answer(s) delivers for $2 between 10 – 2pm and $5 after 2pm.  Ticotogo also offers grocery service.

dsmallidge Apprentice answered on May 24, 2015.
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Hi!  I have a service that delivers ready to heat gourmet meals to your home.   My meals serve 6 but for smaller groups that means you have leftovers!  I can customize the menu to your needs and some options include: seafood lasagne, fish baked in banana leaf, enchiladas, roast beef, etc.  You can also order sides such as salads a la carte.  Please take a look at my website (click on Gourmet) and I am happy to answer questions!

Margaritha98 Rookie answered on June 10, 2015.
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Pizza and Co – free delivery – 8574-6116
Nuestra Casita (breakfast & lunch) – Local cuisine – 2653 – 1586
Sabor Del Vida - (breakfast & lunch) – Local cuisine – 2653-2974
Tico to go has a ton of restaurants

There are also personal chefs that cater and you can see if you can work out a deal ( I have not used any of these but its worth it to ask and see their menu or test their food) –

Gusto -
Sunset Catering -
Tamarindo Catering -

Also, If you have a maid or can ask around town you can see if a local would like to cook. My coworker buys all this food at the beginning of the week and their maid cooks it all and puts it in Tupperware in her fridge.

Khughescosta84 Apprentice answered on June 9, 2016.
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