Have you ever been stopped by the transit police and been pressured to pay a bribe in Costa Rica?

I’ve been stopped by transit police several times but they have never threatened to give me a ticket or implied that I should pay a bribe.  But others complain that it is common – how common is it?

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I’ve hard this also but no I haven’t  (and this is after 14 years here and 6 months visiting prior to that. )   I have been pulled over for roadchecks which is no big thing after showing documentation.  Admittedly  I’ve have talked myself out of a speeding ticket around the Tarcoles.  I truly believed the speed limit was 80 and the officer asked me “what is the speed limit here?” When I responded 80 and I believe I was going that speed, he said NO it’s 60.  I guess the shocked expression on my face and the uh oh (calculating just how much this ticket was going to be)  He let me go.  But no money involved!

lisa Apprentice answered on June 2, 2015.
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I was stopped once on my way back to the airport in San Jose. First time in 10 years of visiting. It was a Sunday & the pulled me over about 10 minutes from getting on the Autopista tollway. He said I was speeding. He said it would be a $150 fine at the car rental agency or I could pay $20 now. Unfortunately, I only had 9 $1 bills & oddly, a $2 bill. It totalled only $11, so I was short $9. He went back to confer with his partner and bback to confer with his partner and brought him over. I explained my dilema but assured him we could come to compromise. He then informed me that he collected $2 bills for his son and he rarely ever saw them! He then proceeded to accept my $11 and we cordially exchanged “thank yous”. As he started to walk away, he turned back to me and handed me $1. I asked him what that was for? He replied, “Toll up ahead.” I gave him a big thumbs up & went on my way! Never once did I feel threatened. Both of the men were kind & courteous & I kinda liked settling my debt right then and there. Wish I could negotiate so well with police back in the US!

mellowsail Rookie answered on June 3, 2015.
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