How should I apply for Medicare in the USA while living in Costa Rica?

I am currently receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits.  When I turn 65 I plan to apply for Medicare Part A benefits.  I’ve heard 3 possible methods: 1) apply online; 2) apply at the US Embassy; 3) wait for the Medicare package to be mailed to my USA mailing address.  Which is correct?  Are they all acceptable methods?

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One thing to remember, don’t wait until you turn 65. I believe the procedure is to apply three months before you turn 65.

ColoFrank Professional answered on June 3, 2015.
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You cannot use Medicare in Costa Rica or out of the USA. If you have it you can keep it and use only in the states. I have it currently & am keeping even though I will be residing there in November. If yoy let it lapse or cancel, after it’s been approved, it takes 1 month to reinstate.
I have taljed to my SSI attorney & SSI about this thing! I know that’s it is frustrating.
You can receive SSI & SSD in CR that’s not taxed if:
#1. It based only on work wages & or retirement

If you receive additional money for below poverty level it can NOT be used in a foreign country.

The USA has an agreement with the CR government that SSI/SSD monies will not be taxed.

I use the SSI online portal. It saves a lot of time & answers most questions. I am 55 yo and medically retired. Fortunately I receive my monies based on my highest annual wages.
You can get all award letters, income verification online as well. Handy because going to an SSI office is an “adventure” :-* 😛
If you need more information about this topic I’d be happy to help you!

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Spcruz Newcomer answered on September 6, 2015.
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