If you have lived in Costa Rica for a while.

Would you recommend someone to pack their bags, sell their stuff and move to Costa Rica permanently ?

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Hi John – that is exactly what I am doing now. I have researched for years and I have heard good and bad. As in anything in life – it is best to follow your own drummer but it is important not to jump in without some research as to cost of living, which in some areas is pricey – such as certain beach areas. So depending on what lifestyle you want and if you can financially manage it – why not get rid of everything and try something new? It is good for the soul to do some house cleaning and let go of the things which tie us down. As we make room Life somehow finds a way to supply us once again. And worse case scenario – you can always go back and begin a new chapter if that is the case. Go for it – with your eyes wide open. Good luck –

Rose Professional answered on May 31, 2015.
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Not without a lot of research, planning, financial review, and exploratory trips – as well as a sense of adventure and willingness to adapt.  If retired and you have sufficient funds, it is more practical.  Otherwise, you need to have a source of income that considers the restrictions on working in CR until you have permanent residency, which can take years.

redbeard52 Scholar answered on June 12, 2015.
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Hi John – I am doing just that as we speak – sold all my beautiful possessions which had much sentimental value, for so much less than what it is worth buying new. I had to have an attitude of give aways like Native American tradition. As I told my son it saves him from having to liquidate my life once I leave this earth plane. So along with my 2 senior little  dogs and 6 suitcases, of essentials i.e. clothes, computer, sheets, towels, kitchen stuff, etc. (imports are too expensive and what is made in CR is not my choice), am moving to a beach area whose prices are like living in a US city these days. But going for the adventure. Tightening my belt and simplfying is good for the soul, and body. There is only so much research one can do and at some point one needs to jump in. Or grow older thinking about it over and over. There is no perfection – CR has its good and bad as anywhere on this earth – but the tropics and the people and no more ice and snow – overall, makes it an opportunity worth pursuing, Plan is to immerse myself in Spanish, savor the beauty of the ocean and jungle –  deal with the trepidations and possible loneliness  of missing my peeps – and shoot for the moon. Delve into my creative side and see what can be created. Worse case is a new adventure to write about if I do return to the states after a 2 year commitment. Best case is to hear myself say…”My God – what took me so long to get here?” And remain. Follow your heart – as being too practical can prevent adventure. But remain eyes open and head on straight with  some idea of a plan. I call that Plan A. Though expect Plan B - God’s plan.  Safe journey’s your way…

Rose Professional answered on June 19, 2015.
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