Is Costa Rica safe for female packers?

What are some of the places to go/avoid?

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Genrally speaking Costa Rica is very safe for female backpackers. There are some areas in the citys of Limon and San Jose I wouldnt go to by myself or during night time.

Limon has its bad phases every now and then and could be considered ‘unsafe’ for certain times of the year in general. San Jose downtown is an area thats not particulary unsafe but can get kinda sketchy. So Id use a taxi there since you will need to go to the downtown area for bus transportation going pretty much anywhere in the country.

Apart from that I would just generally avoid walking to unknown places without people you know or any people at all during night time which should be considered normal behaviour in pretty much any city of the world.

Going from A to B and travelling around is considered very safe though. Even taking public transportation ive never had any bad experience or heard of any. People are very helpful and watch out for one another.

Alexandro Professional answered on June 1, 2016.
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