Is it safe to drink tap water in Costa Rica?

I am going to be living in the Central Valley. Is there a place that is/isn’t safe in Costa Rica? What is the quality of the water overall?

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Other than in very rural areas, water is generally safe to drink in CR.  There have been some issues with arsenic in the water near Bagaces.  We regularly order tap water in restaurants in lieu of the overpriced bottled water throughout CR.  At home we use a Pur Water filter in a container in the fridge – we find that the filtered water tastes better due to minerals in the water.

redbeard52 Scholar answered on June 1, 2015.
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From my travels around the country the tap water is safe. We never had any issues at all.

Where it is not potable there are signs posted, at least in my experiences.


Scooter1961 Apprentice answered on May 26, 2015.
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I live in the Central Valley and think the water is quite good. No chemicals. Have had no issues with water in other areas either.

Nelene Professional answered on May 29, 2015.
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I live on Nicoya with private well. Water is good as long as pipes are good too.

Rose Professional answered on May 31, 2015.
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I’ve been here 10 years and never had a problem.

jonenfermero Professional answered on June 5, 2015.
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