What are some of the major US franchises currently open in Costa Rica?

Where are they located?

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theyve been increasing rapidly over the last 10 years flooding the market and theres the usual crap mcdonalds, burger king, piza hut kfc dennys ,carls plus a load of others from latin america …i hear a lot are closing down due to lack of demand recently (not suprising The typical food here is very substantial healthy and also much cheeper to buy , look up casados )then theres loads of stores wall mart price mart etc

dazlee Professional answered on May 30, 2015.
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Why on earth do you need US franchised anything?
As Daz said, that crap is here. I live in Costa Rica to experience the difference, not search for the sameness.

jonenfermero Professional answered on May 31, 2015.
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