What is the best beer produced in Costa Rica?

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IMHO, Libertas.  Many great beers, but you have to go to the brewery to taste most of them.  This is available in supermarkets and is bottled.  Very good much more tasty than Pilsen, Imperial, etc.

newbeachguy Rookie answered on January 28, 2016.
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If you are in the ciudad colon area of San Jose go visit my friend Pete who owns coasta rica craft brewing where Libertas is brewed as well as many other great beers. Beautiful establishment, great food and of course beer!

Acehole Rookie answered on February 9, 2016.
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In the Guanacaste region you can find some good beer in Tamarindo. Its called the volcano brewing company next to witchs rock. pale ale, dark ale. nice fella from england brewing it.

Alexandro Professional answered on June 7, 2016.
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