What is the requirements to fly my dog in an approved container in the cabin with me?

What are the inoculatilion requirements to fly my Yorkie in an approved container and in the cabin with me?

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Call the airline you are flying prior to cutting a ticket and they will give you the requirements. I travel United and they allow a maximum of 2 dogs in the cabin any given flight – so you want to make sure there is room for your pup before you purchase. There is a fee for the dog – under 20# usually – soft container which fits under the seat. Also you need to find out what certifications from vets and agricultural departments you need to get just prior to the flight (2 weeks I believe) as they often but not always, check at arrival.

Rose Professional answered on May 31, 2015.
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Buddhadog Apprentice answered on May 31, 2015.
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