What should I do when an emergency vehicle is behind me with lights flashing?

Most two lane roads do not allow for pulling over to the side and most Costa Ricans do not appear to do anything to allow emergency vehicles to pass.  If it is a police car, how do you know if they want to pull you over?  I’ve pulled to the side at the first available spot for a police car with lights flashing and they just continued on.  Others seemed to just ignore them.

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I slow down and pull as far right as possible with my right turn signal on.   When I slow down, they simply pass me on the left.  If they follow behind and mimic my behavior of hanging to the right and slow speed, I find the best possible pullover.   I’ve only had this happen to me on highway roads so not sure how I’d handle it in city traffic if it happened.

lisa Apprentice answered on June 2, 2015.
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A lot of the time non traffic police drive around with their lights flashing.  I used to try and pull over and get out of the way, but I soon realized that they were not in a hurry or trying to pull me over, the flashing lights are just on.  My rule these days is to try and pull over if there are flashing lights and a siren.

JSteven Rookie answered on June 8, 2015.
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It does seem like the traffic police have their lights on all the time. We were driving the other day and a motorcycle police was behind us when a firetruck with flashing lights and sirens came up behind. Everyone pulled over, including the police.

MStory Rookie answered on June 16, 2015.
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