What would be the best month to go to Costa Rica in the second half of the year?

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It probably depends on what parts of CR you plan to visit, but in Guanacaste I would say December (before Christmas to avoid the crowds).  Rainy season has just ended so the weather is drier but the foliage is still very green.

redbeard52 Scholar answered on June 20, 2015.
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July, November, December. July is the second little summer in guanacaste usually and November, December is start of the high season.
If you dont mind the rainy season (some people love it, since its all green, less crowded and doesnt mean its raining all day everday) good months are august, september.
I’d just avoid october since its usually the month with the most rain..

Alexandro Professional answered on June 7, 2016.
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