What’s the best way to avoid transaction fees at the bank?

The teller told us that we would have to pay $40 to withdraw $1,000.

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You could get a credit card from a bank in the US that doesn’t charge international fees. If you withdraw directly from the ATM, you will only have to pay about $5 per transaction.

Donny Scholar answered on May 12, 2015.
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I set up a Western Union account online, tied to my bank account not to my debit or credit cards. I did this in the event of stolen or lost cards (the bank will probably cancel the cards once you report them stolen). You can go to any computer (internet cafe or borrowed) or even a smart phone and send yourself money. It’s a good idea to make a couple of small transactions to make sure you have everything working correctly. I even used this to pay my monthly condo rent directly to the landlord so I didn’t have to get a bunch of cash and carry around for even a day. On a three day delivery the fee was $12.

If you lose your passport too you can send the money to your traveling companion or trusted friend. The fees may be a little more that ATM fees but it is a good back up and a second way to get money. I don’t know what the limits are.

ColoFrank Professional answered on May 26, 2015.
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Banco Nacional does not charge me fees. Chase charges $5/withdrawal so I take my limit out as I need.

jonenfermero Professional answered on June 6, 2015.
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